Bespoke and Custom Made to Order 

The Alvarado woman is one to set the trends, not follow them. As such she’d be so inclined to own one of a kind pieces that stands out from the same logos, labels, and the mass production. So if you too are looking for something special to get yourself or for that unique person in your life, look no further, and start the process today of creating your handbag with what’s important to you.

The Process:


Step 1:

Book an appointment with the designer, and pay the deposit which will be used towards the grand total.

Step 2:

We will go over leathers, bag size, hardware, and sketch you out a concept. Please note that while we will take into account all the important details you’d like to have in a bag, we retain creative control on design, which will require your approval before heading into production.


Step 3:

We will email you an invoice and once paid, and over the following two weeks we will build your bespoke, one of a kind handbag just for you.

Step 4:

Once completed, we put it into a silk duster bag and package it with love, and ship it your way.