Who We Are.

Maison Alvarado is a brand whose name came to be in jest as a nod to the industry red tape and as an homage to the garage within the designers maison (French (n):  House) in Texas where most items are created by hand by the designer herself.

It is a brand born from childhood dreams and longstanding values that Elizabeth herself holds dear. Maison Alvarado takes inspiration from founder Elizabeth Alvarado's worldwide adventures, while also paying homage to classic silhouettes. Built with high quality leather we provide beauty, durability, and unique products you’ll love.

What We Believe.

Maison Alvarado is a brand that stands firmly in the belief that all work deserves equitable pay with dignity. As such, we aim to support POC and female-centric artisan cooperatives and manufacturers that aim to help provide work that is employee-centric, and with equitable pay such as that we ourselves are not contributing in worker exploitation of any kind ,but rather work to create cute products in a world we can all enjoy with no harm to each other.


Our Story.

Maison Alvarado is the brain child of designer Elizabeth Alvarado. A South Texas native, Elizabeth grew of extremely humble beginnings admiring the artistful designs in the pages of old magazines, but it wasn’t until a self discovery journey that she ventured into old loves, leading her to rekindle her love affair with fashion.

Searching for a style of her own she took it upon herself to travel the world garnering inspiration, and creating clothing and handbags that pay homage to classic silhouettes while also answering to her maximalist tendencies.

"Leather is an art and a craft of which mastery can only be achieved through the taming of our own patience. A virtue, I hear, and an answered prayer I forgot I asked for."

- Elizabeth Alvarado | Maison Alvarado CEO