Meet The Designer

Hi y’all! Welcome to my digital space. That is correct ladies and gentlemen, the designer is in the house. *Cue in Sandstorm as background music*


I figured if documentary filmmakers ever wanted to make a movie about my life I might as well make it easy for them to source material as long as they cut me a check, but odds are if you’re one of my three ride-or-dies, then you probably already know the crazy journey that brought me here because you’ve been there to witness it all. And if you’re one of the few, early enough in the journey to recognize all the talent yet to be discovered, welcome, and thank you for supporting me in this crazy adventure. 


My love for fashion began long before I had enough money to express myself through the art of clothing. At a time when all I could afford were $0.50 month-old Vogues from the library used bookstore.  Back when my designs were the bookmarks that sold on elementary school playgrounds. At an age when my best designs were made from rags bore by barbies on the runways of my sister’s bedroom floor. 


Truth is in my healing journey I tapped into my past, and while I would like to keep my past there, it also reminded me of what used to bring me joy at a time when I hung onto things like that, as if it was air, because for me it was, and at the end of the day it always came back to design, fashion, architecture, and a yearning for the idea of travel one day. Yeah, I know, even then I was a weird child. These are all things I get to explore in more depth through self-discovery in regard to this brand as an ever-evolving story of coming home to myself. So welcome to this little space on the internet where self-expression meets the intersection of everything fashion related.


But if you must know anything about me, know that I’ve probably lived more lifetimes than you’ll ever even imagine in a decade of my mere twenties. My home is all the places I’ve traveled to but I’ve stationed myself in Austin for the time being with my fiance and two cats. Truth be told, I’m really only super interesting because I often let the adhd take over, which makes for great stories and really cool hobbies like calligraphy, drawing, sewing, leather working, gardening, woodworking, amongst countless other things. But for the time being I’m really enjoying this journey of creating something beautiful and sharing it with the world as corny as that sounds. So thanks for reading this far, and following along this crazy journey with us, too doo loo! Too da loo??? Girl get it together!



E. Alvarado